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You Are What You Create!


HOLISTIC ARTIST SERVICES                                                                       299.99$/12 weeks

  • Artist Wellness Program --> HEALTH IS THE #1 WEALTH !

    • Stage Ready Plans

      • Tailored Nutrition & Exercise plans to increase overall performance energy & creative output

    • Artist Meal Planning

      • How to eat while touring

      • Eating for optimal sounding vocals/ protecting vocals

    • Goal Setting & Career Development

Unleash Your Greatest Potential!

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MUSIC STUDIO​                                                                                             

20$.hr /min 2hrs

  • Music Production

    • Recording/Studio Time

      • Record your next project with Higher Vibrations! Great Atmosphere, Quality Service!           

      • Project Prices may vary depending on complexity/demand of project.                      

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EMPOWERED BY HIGHER VIBRATIONS? Join the movement! Ask about becoming a member of our artist showcase group THE HIGHER COLLECTIVE! 



Seeking Talent For Your Next Event ?

Higher Vibrations is connected to a myriad of talented artists, musicians, DJs and producers in and outside the city of Fredericton, NB. Do you need entertainment for your next event?




    • Proceeds support artist initiatives such as Sponsoring Travel to out of town events!